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Affiliation Water Region (Formerly), Ice Region
Element Water
Weapons Disk Launcher, Blaster, Water Shield
Status Alive
Location Ice Region (Currently)

Aquria is a Water Slizer who was banished from her region and was then frozen (and went into suspended animation) in the Ice Region for her "crimes". She was later awaken and was freed by her descendant, Tigress Aquria III.


The Banish ElementsEdit

Aquria used to live a quite, peaceful life in a half-built city with the other Water Slizers and their ally, Blaster Slizers.

Some time later, a planet-wide announcement declared several elements (like Millenia, Flare, Blaster, and Spark) were to be banished from Slizer Planet with reasons that those elements might endanger the inhabitants and the planet itself.

This cause conflicts with Aquria and her fellow Water Slizers when she refused to reveal the whereabouts of Blaster Slizers that went into hiding.

Frozen in timeEdit

--To be Written--

A few centuries later, Aquria secretly continued to aid the supposedly banish Slizers into hiding in various places (so that they would not be found and banish from the planet).

Personality and TraitsEdit

Aquria was a kind and caring Water Slizer until the events of the Banish Elements occurred. She then became cold and stubborn, and successfully deceived her kind into thinking she had change and no longer care about the banish ones. However, her false personality did not last long when her kind discovered she was still aiding banish ones into hiding before and during the Slizer War.

Abilities and GearEdit

Aquria has the ability to wield and use a Blaster (weapon) as she was taught by a Blaster Slizer on how to wield and use it, however she is not as skill those who has Blaster Element.

She carries a Disk Launcher and a Water Shield along with a Blaster (Somehow they were not lost nor stolen when Aquria was in suspended animation).