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Blaster (Being)
Blaster Pic 1
Affiliation None
Element Blaster
Weapons Throwing Disk Staff, Blaster
Status Alive
Location Slizer Planet


Blaster was one of the mutant Slizers that came into existence after the Meteorite crashed into the Slizer planet. He is a combination of the Slizers Amazon and Jet, two Slizers that originally resided seperately before the impact. Blaster has yet to be recruited into one of the regions. He is also good friends with Bullet.

Abilities and GearEdit


He is skilled with his blaster, and any other gun he can get his hands on. He also has the ability to store Disks in his chest, giving him a big advantage when on the move or reloading during battles.


Blaster carries a weapon wielding two throwing arms, giving him the power to launch more discs in a faster time than any other Slizer. He also used a blaster as his secondary weapon.


Blaster is a brute, and very strong. However, he has been known to show signs of intelligence, possibly caused by the fused part of Jet.



  • Blaster's face appears to be a fusion that of Amazon and Jet, as they were presumed to have been mutated to create him.
  • His color scheme is yellow and black, similar to Jet's.
  • He was said to have fought the most powerful Slizer: Millennium, taking part in the battle of the century. Nobody knows how the fight ended, but only that it was brutal and that they were evenly matched.

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