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Affiliation None
Element Death (Unconfirmed)
Weapons Disk Launcher
Status Alive
Location Unknown

Bronx is a Slizer nomadic hermit, moving from place to place.


Bronx lived before the Great War, before the Banishment. When the eight elements became dominant he ran off to the Unknown Region to live as a hermit. No one has seen him since.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Bronx is hostile towards other beings, often putting up hostile and gruesome warnings around his current home. He has only been seen once, and the only description the poor victim could give was "Black and ugly!"

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Bronx's solitude has prevented anyone from finding out what he carries, but it is assumed he carries a Disk Launcher and Disks. Black Marks around his former homesteads indicated he also carries a Blaster.


  • It is believed that Bronx is a Death Slizer