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Affiliation Judgement Faction
Element Judgement, Energy, Fire
Status alive
Location unknown

Chargeric is a mutated Slizer that has been around since the formation of the Slizer Dome, and may well be one of the oldest Slizers still alive today.


Chargaric, although not as old as the founders of the Slizer Planet, has lived through many of the planet's historic events. He started out as a Judgement Slizer, living with his brothers and sisters in the Slizer Dome. He was like any other fiesty warrior, going all-out in the arena, and training hard. After years of battling and training, he retired.

The MeteoriteEdit

Chargaric was inside the Slizer Dome when the meteorite hit, like most of the other Judgement Slizers. He himself was blown into unconsiousness. Unfortunately, Chargaric was set on fire as he drifted out of consiousness. When he awoke, he was in a hut with what other Judgement Slizers survived, and was fixed up with armor from Energy Slizers. From then on he stayed with the group of survivors in hopes of reviving civilization.

Abilities and GearEdit

Chargaric had no real abilities, but trained just the same with basic tools and materials. His elemental powers were really channeled through his collection of crystals, which he mixed and matched in battles.


In his youth, Chargaric carried twin energy blasters, along with the traditional throwing arm attaches to his back. He used all of them efficiently throughout his arena battles, taking up many other weaponry and skills along the way. After retirement, Chargaric was given a special weapon secretly given to honored Slizers (what theat weapon is is not actually known).