Welcome to the official Mascot Contest of the CSW! Submit your entries below. Voting begins on March 20th.



  1. All entries must be completely new and original characters, not redesigns of old or canon ones.
  2. All entries must be Slizers, no custom species created by you or anyone else.
  3. All entries must be made using LEGO bricks, not on LDD.
  4. A properly written and complete article must be made before an entry can be accepted.
  5. You must be willing to leave the MoC built until further notice, and be willing to provide a wide variety of poses for later use (if you win).
  6. All pictures must have a white or black background, to make it easier to use. The are a variety of ways you could accomplish this, from using paper backdrops to premade sets.
  7. Please add Category:Mascot Contest to your entry's article.
  8. Be sure that your pictures capture the entire MoC, let us see all aspects of it.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ By submitting an entry, you are giving you consent that, if it wins, said MoC becomes property of the community and will be able to be used by any member of the Wiki.


First PlaceEdit

  • The winning MoC becomes the official Mascot of the Wiki
  • The winning entry will be featured in the first video to be released on the CSW's soon-to-be created YouTube channel
  • A special userbox

Second PlaceEdit

  • The second place entry will be mentioned in said video and will have its page linked to in the description

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