Welcome to the Custom Slizer Wiki Voting Center. This is a place where you can vote for different content to be featured on the Main Page each month. This page is for the rules, go to the talk page to begin casting your votes!

The featured article, image, quote, user and trivia are updated once in a month (some time around the first). You can always vote. When the leading nominee, with the most votes, is put on the main page, all the nominees and votes are erased (per section). The voting then starts all over again, and you can vote/nominate for the next article during the month. Rules about voting:

  • You cannot vote for an article, image, quote or a trivia that has been featured on the main page before (see the archives to see the old winners).
  • You may only vote for one nominee (or nominate yourself) in each section. You can vote for your own article.
  • Vote only for content that you think would deserve being featured.

An archive is available here.

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