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Deities are a group of humanoid-like organic Slizers created by an alien god to rule, watch over, and/or aid the Slizers of their own Elements. For some unknown period of time, the group was split to two; one group of deities aligned to Major Deity of Order and Light while the other aligned to Major Deity of Chaos and Darkness. Only the Major deities has at least a pair of Guardians while the other deities has one Guardian.

List of Deities:

  • Radiance, Major Deity of Order and Light
  • Dark, Major Deity of Chaos and Darkness
  • Raina, Deity of Water
  • Hiro, Deity of Fire
  • Ava, Deity of Ice
  • Ventus, Deity of Wind
  • Terra, Deity of Earth
  • Rito, Deity of Spirit
  • Volt, Deity of Lightning
  • Meta, Deity of Metals


  • The deities taking shape as humanoid-like is unknown.