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Dynamo (Bioniclezilla76)
Affiliation Slizers
Element Nuclear Fission
Weapons Radiation Blasters, Disk Launcher
Status Alive
Location Unknown

Dynamo is a Slizer (Bioniclezilla76)-based war machine.


Dynamo was created by Slizer corp. to combat humanity's enemies. He often works with Blaster to destroy obstacles in the way of creating new biomes.

Abilities and GearEdit

Dynamo carries Radiation Blasters, which can blast his opponents with Nuclear Radiation. He carries less than average in terms of Disks. Instead of the ususal thousand unique disks or so inside Gorotoin that most Slizers have, Dynamo's disks are so unstable that he has very few. He rarely ever uses the disks. He also has the ability to self-destruct if situations require him to do so.

Dynamo towers over most other Slizers, but his instability makes him one of the most vulnerable Slizers.


Dynamo is feared my many due his imposing figure and malformed appearance. It is said that even Garotoin is a little frightened by him, and is slightly nervous when the massive war machine retrieves his disks from the computer.