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Affiliation Energy Region
Element Energy
Weapons Disk Launcher
Status Deceased
Location Unkown


Electro started out like other Slizers, he had the very same goal and purpose, to collect power ups to increase their own elemental energy. In Electro's case he needed to collect Electric Radiation to protect himself from the natural enemies of his region.

Abilities and GearEdit


Electro can control (to a degree) the flow of energy. However, he is careful to control his powers as they could bring massive destruction.


Electro has his own specially designed Disks that can be charged with his electricity powers, delivering a nasty shock to whatever or whoever they make contact with. His wings are also incredibly sharp, and can slice through almost anything.


Electro is carefree and pleasant to be around. He spends half of his time practicing and the other half joking around with his friends.


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