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Affiliation Flare Slizers, Fire region/Slizers
Element Fire
Weapons Power Sword(formerly), baton(formerly), disc throwing arm
Status Alive
Location -Confidential-

Ethro is a part flare, part torch Slizer that survived the meteorite's impact. Before that he was just another normal competitor.


Ethro grew up in the fire region, much like other Slizers of his time. He was always a fierce and feisty competitor when it came to challenges. Most of his friends and family resided in the urban areas of the region, giving Ethro many things to do in his early years. When the time came for Ethro's chance to compete in tournaments, he was happy to take part in such competitions.

After making a living off of battles and competitions, Ethro had it pretty good. He was commissioned to travel the 'good' regions of the planet, as the others required more skill from rookies like him. He was about to move to another region (currently unknown) when the meteorite struck. Firthermore, he was on his way back home from multiple tough competitions.

After the MeteoriteEdit


Abilities and TraitsEdit

Like most other torch Slizers, Ethro can conjure small flames of heat. With the help of a fire energy stone, his powers can be used for much more.


Ethro originally carried a power saber, and a personalized baton. He used both in addition to his disc launcher arm during arena battles.