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Master of Slizers
Affiliation All Slizers
Element Shadow
Weapons Disk shooting gallot gun
Status Alive
Location Core of Slizer Planet


When the planet began, a strange robotic system called G.A.R.O.T.O.I.N. was placed by human scientist. This was disigned to keep the S.L.I.Z.E.R. system running well. Unfortunately, when new employees said mean things about it and treated it like a regular computer, the employer made the mistake of forgetting to tell them that it had emotion so it could still function if enemies came to destroy it and instead, tried to preserve it and make a profit. It woulld still function the planet, but not as well. The other slizers burned earth plants, gave it water to complete vegetation to operate, and other things that take place in our mother nature. The employees who always made fun of it, always seemed to disapear. G.A.R.O.T.O.I.N always moaned about wanting friends.