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1000px-Rock slizer
Affiliation Rock Region
Element Rock
Weapons Disk Launcher, Spikes
Status Deceased
Location Rock Region

Granite is a Slizer and a member of the rock faction.


Granite grew up in the Rock Region, and learned how to maneuver and handle tough terrain. He mainly focuses on an enemies movements when in battle, and uses his four legged form to his advantage. He can climb a moderate height, but only as far as his legs can carry him.

Abilities and GearEdit


Granite is incredibly strong, and has been known to break rocks with ease. He can also break a small section off any large rock using his mind.


Because he walks on all four limbs, Granite does not carry any equipment, but he does have a throwing arm attached to his body, allowing him to combat others in at least one way.


Granite has a seemingly cheerful and calm personality. Like most others, he is fully focused when fighting.


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