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Guardians are either humanoid-like organic Slizers created by the Deities or transformed Slizers that serve and protect their respective Deity while also aid and protect the Slizers of their own Elements, protect their planet, and guarding their Element source.

List of Guardians:

  • Neon, Guardian of the Sun
  • Chonosia, Guardian of Time
  • Yue, Guardian of the Moon
  • Apollyon, Guardian of Void
  • Aquaria the III, Guardian of Aquatic Life/Life
  • Blaze, Guardian of Summer/Star
  • Blizzard, Guardian of Winter/Snow
  • Aerona, Guardian of Spring/Nature
  • Nate, Guardian of Fall/Rock/Desert
  • Serina, Guardian of Death
  • Keni, Guardian of Energy
  • Tia, Guardian of Technology


  • Yue and Neon are the only Guardians to be transformed by the Deities.