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SAM 1608
Affiliation Turbo, Ski, Scuba, Thunder
Element Judgement
Weapons Disk Launcher
Status Deceased
Location Lenon 3

Gunner is a Judgement Slizer.


Gunner is one of the most powerful and legendary Slizers to have ever lived. He was the predecessor to Jet. He thought that he had killed Blaster and Bullet in the story The Final Escape- Part 2, but they really weren't dead. He was on Lenon 3 with Thunder, Scuba, Turbo, and Ski. He stabbed Blaster to death after he found out he was still alive. He was stabbed by Bullet after he met Circuit.

Personality and TraitsEdit

He is a very kind Slizer to all. You know it's him because half of him is all black while the other half of him is all yellow.

Abilities and GearEdit

He carries around a Disk Launcher that fires the Ultimate Power Disk.

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