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Judge Slizer
Affiliation Slizer Dome
Element Judgement
Weapons 2 Disk Launchers
Status Deceased
Location Unkown

Jet was The Judge of the Slizer battles.


He was inside the Slizer Dome when it was destroyed. However, prior to that he was considered the most powerful Slizer in exiztence. He could harness power levels much higher than anyone else could. Being able to soar across the planet, he could keep an eye on all the inhabitants of the planet.

Abilities and GearEdit


Jet has an uncany sense of right and wrong. He can also sense if a being's intentions are good or bad.


Jet carries two Disk Launchers. He also has twin propellers on his back that allow him to fly.


Jet had an uncany sense of right and wrong, making him the perfect judge for the Slizer matches. His friends have reported Jet as being fun to be around.


  • It is believed that Jet was fused with Amazon to create Blaster.


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