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Affiliation None
Element Millenia
Weapons 2 Disk Launchers
Status Alive
Location Slizer Planet

Millennium is supposedly the physical incarnation of what all Slizers stand for.


Millennium is supposedly the most powerful Slizer on the Slizer Planet. He supposedly faced off against Blaster, though it is unknown who won the battle.

Abilities and GearEdit


No one is sure what abilities Millennium has, but he has been known to be able to appear in two places at once.


Millennium carries two Disk Launchers.


Millennium is stern and fierce, but it is suspected that he is working to protect the remains of the Slizer civilization.



  • Millennium can transform himself into a smaller Slizer that rides a bike.
  • In the story "The Final Escape" he was revealed to have lost his battle with Blaster.

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