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Position Between Terra and Giove
Size Medium
Population Unknown
Status Inaccessible (Formerly), Habitable (Current)

Mirihi is the fourth Planet from the Sun in the Helion System. It is also the home planet of the Psychic Slizers and Telekinesis Slizers. After Serina became the leader of her kinds; the Wind Slizers were forced to migrate to Mirihi when their planet was the first to be destroy by the Meteorite.


-To be written-


-To be written-

Known InhabitantsEdit

  • Mana (creator)
  • Mana II "Marta" Stellar
  • Dusk
  • Dawn
  • Serina
  • Psychic Slizers
  • Telekinesis Slizers
  • Wind Slizers

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