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Affiliation Slizer Corporation
Element Oil
Weapons Oil Shooter, Disk
Status Alive
Location Unknown


Patrolium is a Slizer disigned by the Slizer Corporation used to help life on the Slizer planet livable. Patrolium was used to drill oil and to drain polutents. Like Scuba, Patrolium is water proof and drains oil with his vaccuum. Patrolium has a filter in the vaccuum that allows only patrolium to get through. Patrolium also throws disks that are retrieved from Garotoin that are almost black wholes but not nearly as powerful. The disks suck in oil and are full with in five seconds if it was surounded by oil. Patrolium also sucks in oil after Granite drills into the ground. After words, Patrolium gets to the scientist camp and empties out his oil into a large container. After words, Patrolium starts the process all over again.


Patrolium has a disk thrower in his mouth and a vaccuum on his back.

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