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Affiliation Fire Faction
Element Fire
Weapons TBA
Status Alive
Location Slizer Planet



Pyro was apprenticed by Torch at a very young age. His training was intense, and it took him over four years to complete it. During that time, Pyro became a legend among the other Fire Faction trainees. He was extremly skilled with disk throwing and excelled at melee combat.

Life as a SlizerEdit

When he had completed his training, he began to fight for his faction in the Slizer Dome. He won his first match, and went on to make the first ten in a row winning streak. Then he battled Shard.

Shard was a rookie, fresh out of training. He was fighting for the Granite Faction, and wielded his native land's element. Or so Pyro thought. When the match began, Shard used a few basic granite attacks, which Pyro easily dodged. Then the dome went black. Pyro stumbled around, trying to find Shard. Then he was hit in the back. Light flooded into the room, and Shard was on top of Pyro, ending his winning streak.

The MeteoriteEdit

When the Meteorite hit, it threw the Slizer Planet into a state of confusion. Pyro wasn't in the Slizer Dome when it was destroyed, but his best friend Blaze was. This caused Pyro to become obsessed with finding the cause of the Meteorite impact.

Abilities and GearEdit


Pyro is a fire user, and pocesses all of the abilities that come with that element.




Pyro is young and cheerful, the exact opposite of his mentor, Torch. He has yet to see the horrors of war and death, having been sheltered from a young age.


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