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Ranaja are small, near microscopic creatures that roam the Slizer Planet.


Not much is known about the small creatures. They are known for giving Slizers enhanced abilities, as well as irritating them. Only few have seen them, but enough to convince of their existence.

Abilities and AppearanceEdit


Ranaja may be small, but they are capable of racing across land, water, and sometimes air at great speeds. When they latch on to Slizers, they can emit a strange glow, creating a slight pinching sensation for the host. That is why most find Ranaja very irritating. The odd part is that their glow also signals a release of energy, which gives the host Slizer extrordinary powers, including increased agility, aggression, and strength.


Because Ranaja are so small, it is hard for researchers to actually get a look at them. What is known about them is that all members of the species have four limbs, visored heads, and tails.