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The Rock Region is one of the 8 Regions of the Slizer Planet, housing the Rock Slizers.
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Before the MeteoriteEdit

Before the Meteorite struck the Rock Region had many beautiful sights and lots of huge canyons. It had flowing streams in the valleys. It has pretty much no plants at all, but it did have mines for mutiple minerals and ores such as gold, diamond,  and silver.

After the MeteoriteEdit

When the Meteorite struck it destroyed the Rock Region, turing it into the hellish wasteland it is today. The Meteorite also brought the banished Elements with it on its impact, and the Mutant Slizer Flare was created, presumably from Granite in some way, shape, or form. Most of the living beings who lived there were either destroyed or mutated.


This region is home to many odd lifeforms, ranging from Dust Lizards to Rock Monsters. It's mainly composed of earth and dirt, but it is also filled with mines for multiple ores such as Granite, Gold, and other precious minerals. It is said to be the best Region to live in because it has the best conditions out of all the others (besides the Tech Region) naturally, including water and heat. The Rock Slizers use the land to the fullest, usually with rocks for targets to throw Disks at, and the rocky terrain to keep good balance and have good reflexes. The Region is also a host to frequent rockslides and mudslides much like the avalanches of the Ice Region.


  • Granite
  • Slammer
  • Rock Slizers
  • Rock Monsters
  • Dust Lizards
  • Living Rocks
  • Various other beings