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Affiliation The Main Clan (Formerly), herself (Formerly), leader (Currently)
Element Psychic/Telekinesis
Weapons Throwing knives, hidden dagger, Disk Launcher
Status Alive
Location Terra (Formerly), Mirihi (Currently)

Serina is a Psychic Slizer and is the current leader of the Psychic Slizers & Telekinesis Slizers.


Early lifeEdit

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The Mana RebellionEdit

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Personality and TraitsEdit

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In the past, Serina was a kind, thoughtful Slizer, but naive and innocent-looking as she rarely goes out and only spent her time training for the Mana Ritual.
Around the aftermath of the Mana Rebellion, she became rebellious against her father (who was the former leader) and his ideas of using and mistreating Telekinesis Slizers.

Abilities and GearEdit

As the current leader, Serina inherited all of the Elemental abilities of Psychic & Telekinesis. She has one unique ability, where she can combine both Elements to unleashed her most deadly attack, "The Shockquake".

Other then abilities, she also carries throwing knives, a hidden dagger, and a Disk Launcher.