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There was a CIA corporation from earth who wanted a back-up planet if they are around when the sun goes out or if something threatens humanities existence. So a league of scientist hand picked from the CIA were made to create a system called Slizer. It was designed to make biomes salvageable on a planet named Slizer (named after the lead scientist). They each raced against the clock to make the robots and decided that they should have artillery used to either create or destroy. Many slizers were created and even more disks. The soil looked white with purple veins and it was not healthy for the protist like creatures that filled the planet. Everything was done in a few years to create a new planet but the many animals humans ate were not healthy and neither were the plants. Nothing made us adapt. Except for a few disks and a lot of Slizers. The Slizer corp. created a race of super slizers and Garotoin to keep everything intact. Unfortunately, the em.otions that were required to place into Garotoin may back fire later on.