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Affiliation Himself
Element Spark
Weapons Disk Lancher, Blaster
Status Alive
Location Slizer Planet


This reclusive Slizer resides in the ruins of the Energy Region. He has never been talked to, and no one has ever had more than a glimpse of him. This has caused the general population of the Slizer Planet to begin to fear him.

Abilities and GearEdit


Spark has shown the ability to use minor Energy powers, and minor Blaster powers. It is believed that his element is some kind of combination of the two.


Spark carries a Disk Launcher and a Blaster.


Spark has never been talked to, so no one knows what he is like. His reclusive attitude may indicate that he is shy, or it might mean that he is up to something evil.



  • Spark was the last Slizer set to be made into a page on this Wiki.
  • He is one out of three Slizers to be named after their elements the others being Flare, and Blaster.