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Affiliation Tech Faction
Element Tech
Weapons Throwing arm, Wheels
Status alive
Location Tech Region

Techmo is a tech Slizer and a master of speed.


Techmo was originally a cyborg (part organic, part robotic) until he was in a fatal accident during the arena championship. From then on, he was a sole robot, with only his brain and other vital organs housed in his body.

Life as a SlizerEdit

Over the years, Techmo became stronger, and faster. As a tech Slizer, he loved going fast, and often trained on the highways of the Tech Region. Soon enough he was a highly skilled disc-slinger, and was better than he had ever been before. He continued to compete, winning numerous battles, even some in the arena championship that had hurt him so long ago.

The MeteoriteEdit

Techmo was not affected by the meteorite itself, but his home was severely damaged after the mutants rampaged the planet.

Abilities and GearEdit

Techmo can be bitter at times, but always comes around when it comes to friends. He has the ability to adjust his speed down to the centimeter.


Techmo weilds a tire launcher in addition to his throwing arm. He uses it to melee with enemies, as well as give himself a boost when moving around.


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