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Telekinesis is a Slizer element and sub-element of Psychic.


Telekinesis has the same combinations as the Psychic Element. however, Telekinesis is a sub-element of Psychic. Those who fail to fully master their Psychic Element or somehow could not call out a basic ability from that element are known to be Telekinesis Slizers. They are usually look down by the Psychic Slizers as they view their sub-element as a failure and consider Telekinesis Slizers as living weapons as Psychic Slizers do not care about Telekinesis Slizers' lives.

Telekinesis Slizers are allies with Blaster Slizers, Desert Slizers, Light Slizers (if they ever ally with them), Spark Slizers, and Psychic Slizers (mostly short-term alliance). They are (on a "friendly" term) rivals of the Iron Slizers and Magnetism Slizers while they consider Tech Slizers, Thunder Slizers, Ice Slizers, and Rock Slizers as their enemies.

Known abilitiesEdit

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Known usersEdit

  • Serina
  • Telekinesis Slizers