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Terra is the third Planet from the sun in the Helion System.


Terra is a topical world, with lush rainforests to dry deserts. It is divided into three distinct continents: the Desert Continent, the Rainforest Continent and the Mountain Conitnent.

Desert ContinentEdit

The Desert Continent is barren and dry, with the only easily accessible source of water being the rain during the short two-month rainy season. The Desert Slizers that make their home here are forced to use wells to obtain water during the rest of the year.

The desert is vast and barren, with the occasional cactus plant. Dunes move around at random, and it takes extremely good navigation skills to make it across the desert twice. Many nonnatives have gotten lost and died in these sands, their bodies never found.

The few wild animals here are dangerous and fast, a necessity to outrun the common sandstorms that constantly plague the continent. These animals a vicious hunters, picking off stragglers and lone travelers. Laws have been passed that make it necessary to travel with others, leading to the creation of caravans for traveling.

Most towns and cities on this Continent are on the cooler and safe seaboard, where the Desert Slizer's trade industry is based. Slizers of all elements come here to live and trade, making the cities some of the most diverse on the planet.

The reason for the thriving trade is the Talz Tree, a plant used to make parchment and clothing. It only grows in the harsh climate of the Desert Continent, and the need for the products it can be made into makes it quite valuable.

Rainforest ContinentEdit


Mountain ContinentEdit




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