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The Mercury Overlord
Affiliation None
Element Mercury
Weapons Disk Launcher Staff, Mercury Staff, Mercury Orb
Status Alive
Location Unknown

 The Mercury Overlord reigns an army of Mercury Slizers.


The Mercury Overlord has reigned over a Mercury Slizer army for one thousand years. Since then he has destroyed many Slizers from many different regions. He was the one who found the Mercury Orb for his staff. It allows him to blast a bolt of Mercury at anyone he desires to.

Personality and GearEdit

He was a kind Mercury Slizer until he found the Mercury Orb. Since then he has led his army into many battles that he emerged victorious. He is the most legendary person known in the Slizer Universe He carries a Mercury Staff which is powered by a unique Mercury Orb. He also carries a Disk Launcher Staff.

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