This is the timeline for the Gryphon Continuity.


Before the MeteorEdit

  • 6,000 years ago:
    • The Slizer Planet is created.
    • Slizers and their elements are created
  • 5,000 years ago
    • Fire, Water, Jungle, Rcok, Judgement, Energy, Ice and Tech become dominant.
    • Flare, Spark and Blaster leave, developing the ability to live in space.
  • 4,000 years ago
    • There is a war among the Slizers, causing them to split their planet into regions.
  • 3,000 years ago
    • The Slizer Dome is created in the middle of the regions. It becomes the home of the Judgement Slizers.
  • 2,000 years ago
    • The Slizers live in peace, with only a few skirmishes over supplies.
  • 1,000 years ago
    • The "other Slizers" begin to return over 1,000 years.

Meteor StrikeEdit

  • 1 year ago
    • The Meteor strikes, decimating the Slizer Planet.
    • The Slizer Dome is destroyed.
    • Gryphon is mutated.

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