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Torch (Bioniclezilla76)
Flame Slizer
Affiliation other slizers
Element fire
Weapons fire disk, double long ranged fire blaster
Status alive
Location slizer planet

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This was a slizer in the project to repopulate a planet with life long ago so if humans ever have to face a life threatenning situation from space, they can go here. Torch was designed to cause helpful fires that are completely controlled by Torch and to keep fire under man's control so they will not have to restart in eveloution. Like all other Slizers, Torch gets his fuel from Garotoin. Torch also avoids unknown plants through design. If there are any plants that are from the plantet itself instead of brought to it, he avoids them. Torch is also used for keeping dangerous life away from humans and other slizers. Torch throws his disks at obstacles blocking paths to burn them a blaze. Like all slizers, Torch gets all of his disks from Garotoin's disk comparrtmant.


Torch appears as a hunch back and is mostly red. Torch has a disk and aa double flame thrower.

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