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Affiliation Fire Region
Element Blaster
Weapons Disk Launcher, Blaster
Status Alive
Location Fire Region

Trigger is a Blaster Slizer in service of the Fire Region.


Tigger was a Captain in the Alliance's Army (AA) during the Slizer War. He was sent on a mission by Dynamo to destroy the Axis' headquarters. It is unknown whether or not he and his Battalion succeeded.

Trigger's LogEdit

Eons later, Trigger awoke in a grove of Trees. He was injured and was suffering from amnesia, but managed to leave the grove and walked out to the remains of the Jungle Region. There he witness the carnage the the Meteorite had caused. Just a few hours after Trigger exited the grove, he blacked out.

Trigger was found by a Fire Region patrol and brought to Fireon City. There his back injury was treated. During his stay there, Trigger discovered a recording sent to him by Dynamo, detailing his mission to destroy the Axis base.

After spending almost a week in a hospital room, Trigger was released from the hospital. The Blaster Slizer proceeded to escape the city and decided to find answers at the location of the most prominent memory he had - Gazor Hill.

Abilities and GearEdit




Trigger carries a Disk Launcher and a Blaster.


Trigger is carefree and friendly. He will always jump at the chance to crack a joke. However, he cares about his fellow slizers who are trapped or injured in the damaged Regions.