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Turbo (Bioniclezilla76)
Speed Slizer
Affiliation Slizers
Element Speed
Weapons Disks,side spikes
Status Alive
Location The begginning cities

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This was a slizer designed to help preserve the planet once it was complete for humans and other biomes. Mainly, this was a slizer used at the time to carry materials quickly from point A to ponit B. Unlike other slizers, this one is not on as much as the time because his main mission is to keep crime rates in future cities low. So the slizer is very slow in terms of proccessing data unlike other slizers due to the fact that it is always zipping by dattaa too fast to scan. Turbo also brings cars into the park on ride when they come out of the rocket ships. Turbo doesn't get disks nearly as often as other slizers.


Turbo looks like across between a spiked car and a hover craft.


  • This is the second slizer I made on the wiki