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Titan Slizer
Affiliation None
Element Judgement
Weapons 2 Disk Launchers
Status Alive
Location Slizer Planet


Ultrarex served as The Judge of the Slizer Battles prior to Jet, but a hunger for power corrupted Ultrarex and he was banished to the Unknown Region. When the Meteorite struck, Ultrarex saw his chance to gain power. He soon resurfaced and began to recruit followers.

Abilities and GearEdit


Ultrarex used to have an extremely keen sense of right and wrong. However, this ability vanished sometime during his time in the Unknown Region. He now has the abilities of the beings around him. It is also suspected that he can steal the powers of dead beings, but this is yet to be determind.


Ultrarex uses three Disk Launchers, two are on his arms and one is on his tail.



Ultrarex was good and loyal to his job and friends. He was fair and just when judging the Slizer Battles.


Ulrarex is devious and cunning. He has an unquenchable thirst for power, and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.


  • Ultrarex can be built using parts from Jet, Amazon, Electro, and Granite. However, he is considered a seperate entity.