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Ultrarex (Bioniclezilla76)
Evolution Slizer
Affiliation Slizers
Element Evolution
Weapons Evolutionary Guns, Disks
Status Alive
Location Unknown

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This was a super slizer disigned to make sure life on the planet was adap enough to evolve. When the scientist who created Torch saw that there was still a small amount of life here that were getting out competed by humans, he decided to make a eveloutionary device which aloud any creature, plant, or anything the size of an ant evolve and adapt the situation very quickly. This could cause problems with immune systems so he put in a series of many disks that could get thrown by Slizers. So, the super Slizer was born and had extra sensory touch, site, and hearing so it could make any creature adaptable to the humans. of course, humans would become out competed. Luckily, the first thing it threw the disks at were al sixteen humans living on th the planet. The disk is very large and made out of plastic and in fact does blow up. 


It looks kind of like a green and yellow dinosaur.

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