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  • Amanda113122

    So my plan to create articles for my Slizers and finish up the two upcoming stories by the end of this month, probably won't happen as I realized that I need more time to "develop" more alternate characters for the second story.

    Why not finish the first story? ....Well, "Our Past Presents Our Future" is a type of story that has many or some of the chapters regarding some of the characters' past...aka flashbacks that will explain why this character acts like that and what did they do to become like this etc . short, it's being delay.

    As for the second story, it will occur in an alternate world, where a few Slizers (of whichever Element) survived an apocalypse (caused by a project) and almost six years of war.

    And here is a little surpris…

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  • Amanda113122

    Yeah...I'm going to sort of admit it...I spent all my three hours of study time (< I attend a study group ish class for GED/THEA), just writing down everything for those upcoming Slizers (instead of writing my essays ^^0 ). So far all of the basic profiles for Aero, Xion, Tigress Aquria III, and Serina are done along with a new fanon Slizer (I'm going leave it as a surprise).

    Want a hint? Well...this Slizer may be or not related to one of my fanon Slizers.

    Anyways, I just began writing a back story for Serina and also planned to have her involve with whatever is happening during the Meteorite incident and somehow meet up with Aquria and her descendant, Tigress Aquria III in Our Past Presents Our Future (< story in progress).

    As for Xion, I'm plan…

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  • Amanda113122

    Fanon Slizers

    January 27, 2013 by Amanda113122

    I know its been like 21 days since I wrote my first fanon article on here. I have been so busy in real life that I almost have no time to check the wikias and be active in them. I had decided to be only active on two wikias while occasionally checking on the other wikias (only if there is any problems like vandal attacks or something).


    Here is a list of fanon Slizers that I had planned out:

    • Aero - Jungle Slizer
    • Xion - Blaster Slizer
    • Tigress Aquria III - Water Slizer
    • Serina - Psychic/Telekinesis Slizer

    And if you are, Serina is not insane and also she is not based off of that psychic Pokemon gym leader.

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