Yeah...I'm going to sort of admit it...I spent all my three hours of study time (< I attend a study group ish class for GED/THEA), just writing down everything for those upcoming Slizers (instead of writing my essays ^^0 ). So far all of the basic profiles for Aero, Xion, Tigress Aquria III, and Serina are done along with a new fanon Slizer (I'm going leave it as a surprise).

Want a hint? Well...this Slizer may be or not related to one of my fanon Slizers.

Anyways, I just began writing a back story for Serina and also planned to have her involve with whatever is happening during the Meteorite incident and somehow meet up with Aquria and her descendant, Tigress Aquria III in Our Past Presents Our Future (< story in progress).

As for Xion, I'm planning to have her live in an alternate dimension where Shadow Slizers and their armies of corrupted Slizers attempted to rule the entire galaxy.

I have yet made any plans or story for Aero as I still need to write the profiles of the inhabitants living on Mirihi and create an article for the planet, Ventus.

Thats it for now. Hopefully I can finish this all by the end of Summer.

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