So my plan to create articles for my Slizers and finish up the two upcoming stories by the end of this month, probably won't happen as I realized that I need more time to "develop" more alternate characters for the second story.

Why not finish the first story? ....Well, "Our Past Presents Our Future" is a type of story that has many or some of the chapters regarding some of the characters' past...aka flashbacks that will explain why this character acts like that and what did they do to become like this etc . short, it's being delay.

As for the second story, it will occur in an alternate world, where a few Slizers (of whichever Element) survived an apocalypse (caused by a project) and almost six years of war.

And here is a little surprise...alien races (Earthlings, Martians, Venusians, etc.) and maybe some of your MOCs will be in the story too. ^^

Only problem...I need some help on naming a Martian and a Venusian (both male) for the first chapter. If you guys have any ideas, please comment.

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