I don't have too long to type this, so I'll make this brief. Once again I'm going to push to make this wiki active, this tiem with a bunch of changes.

First is the Mascot Contest. It's finally time to get a MoC to represent our community. Once this contest finished up at the beginning of April we can begin to update our graphics and layout, hopefully making ourselves a much more appealing wiki.

In another matter of more current significance, I need active staff to assist in my efforts to maintain this place. I'm looking for literate, active and devoted people to keep this place from going dark again. You can apply on the Requests for Adminship page.

Additionally, I want to expand out onto other platforms. Right now I have my sighs set on at least two expansions, a YouTube channel and a MoCpages group. This should help attract new members and revive our community. Additionally it will provide a way to express different aspects of our abilities in the places were they would be most appreciated. If you want to pitch me ideas for the YouTube channel, please do so on my talk page.

Finally, as mentioned above, during April we're going to revamp the entire wiki. I will either do this myself or find someone to help, but we will get a better theme and graphics. Hopefully I can also figure out why the font change isn't quite working atm, and we'll have a very official and nice looking wiki.

Please leave any suggestions/and or comments in the comments section below or on my talk page, and I will get back to you asap. Thank you.


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