I've always wondered how those admins, Bureaucrats and rollbacks felt when they resigned from their posts. Now I know.

I write these words with great sorrow, as I had hoped this day was far in the future. But alas, life has caught up with me. I am no longer able to serve the CSW and WM as I once was, and will probably be unable to return, though the future holds many surprises.

I have put much thought into this issue, and have decided that I cannot continue to eat up my free time with the internet. As much as I like you guys, my personal life takes precedence over my cyber one.

As my leaving will create an opening in the staff of the CSW, I have decided to appoint one of the current members to the rank of site leader. I have carefully considered all three of my active members: TDG, DeltaStriker, and Bane7. Each has their strengths and weaknesses, and together they add valuable skills to the CSW. However, due to the fact that TDG is already a site leader and a busy person, I do not believe he is able to assume the role, despite the fact that he is capable and qualified for it. That leaves Bane and Delta. They are both good and active members, though Delta has more experience than the former. They both want to help the wiki succeed. However, Bane recently joined Wikia and lacks the experience to be site leader. Therefor, I am appointing DeltaStriker to that role. Good luck, my friend.

I would like to that all of those who helped out with the creation of the CSW. Without you, the wiki would never have made it this far. Thank you.

Now, I will be going inactive on here and the CSW. My stories on the CBW are in limbo, though I may still help out my friend Toa Kolhie on his writing project. I may post chapters to any of my stories at a later date, but I do not know when.

So for now, this is goodbye. I am truly sorry to leave, but I do have a life. :(


Lord Grimlock

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