Here is an idea that could help avoid confusion on the wiki. What if everyone who makes a story/collection of characters, were to also make a page with the name of their universe? They could describe the basis of their world and then link to each of their characters.

For example: you could have an article for Torch from Zralxs-Universe, and an article for Torch from Galaxy7-Universe. These two articles link back to the pages describing each universe, and in turn, link to any major characters, places, or events. In the Zralxs-Universe, Torch might be a terrible bringer of chaos, while in the Galaxy7-Universe Torch is very much like from the cannon story, leading the hero Slizers.

The end result of this formatting is that it allows people to quickly link material from their universes together. It also allows fans of that universe to create their own fanon of it.

It's just a thought if anyone is interested. : )


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