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    An Odd Realization

    August 1, 2013 by OonieCacola

    Hey guys, I just thought of something a bit wierd. Doesn't the Slizer storyline have similar aspects to that of the Bara Magna storyline?


    • The numerous tribes of Bara Magna fight for survival in arena matches - The regions of the Slizer Planet compete in arenas using their throwbot arms (or so we assume)
    • There are good and bad tribes caught up in a war more or less - The Slizer factions are split with half good and evil
    • The planet of Bara Magna is impacted by the two moons - The Slizer Planet is hit with a meteorite
    • Bara Magna is invaded by Makuta's evil forces after he arrives - The Slizer Planet sees the arrival of mutants after the meteorite

    So what do you think? Comment if you have anymore similarities!

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  • OonieCacola

    Alright I'm just going to get straight to the point.

    What is up people of the CSW community? Oonie here to proudly announce that my story Slizer Doom is now in production after months of nothingness. The first 3 chapters have already been plotted out, and I need opinions on whether they should be longer and in-depth or a more moderate and fast-paced. If you can, feel free to leave a comment on what you might like to see in the story. Since it is in early production stages, I will gladly take in suggestions as to where the storyliine will go.

    Thanks for reading, hope to see everyone again soon!

    Nothing special here, just simply Oonie 15:11, May 18, 2013 (UTC)

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  • OonieCacola

    Hey, it's Oonie, as of now there are 3 members here, BetaDude, the creator, Slizerdomecentral, and me. I suppose that's enough to start off with. Now we need to get this wiki into a good position so others can appreciate, Beta has already done a pretty good job of making a base to work off of.

    What I suggest is:

    • Start pages for all the canon characters: Slizers, the story, the planet/planet sections
    • Create some appealing banners and pics to personalize the place
    • Promote, one of the number one factors to making this place work
    • We need to band together, so let's hope we don't get into arguments we don't need
    • As for custom pages, we can sort that out later
    • Staff, as Slizerdome, and I are the only ones here for now (besides the B'crat: Beta), I think …
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