Hey, it's Oonie, as of now there are 3 members here, BetaDude, the creator, Slizerdomecentral, and me. I suppose that's enough to start off with. Now we need to get this wiki into a good position so others can appreciate, Beta has already done a pretty good job of making a base to work off of.

What I suggest is:

  • Start pages for all the canon characters: Slizers, the story, the planet/planet sections
  • Create some appealing banners and pics to personalize the place
  • Promote, one of the number one factors to making this place work
  • We need to band together, so let's hope we don't get into arguments we don't need
  • As for custom pages, we can sort that out later
  • Staff, as Slizerdome, and I are the only ones here for now (besides the B'crat: Beta), I think we should take on administration Will be determined when we get more visitors
  • Continuation of promotion, videos, blogging, advertising, asking around,anything to get people interested
  • Despite the fact Slizers wasn't the most popular theme of it's time, the fact this place is called "custom" can add to the possibilities and creations
  • (more to be said, I just can't list them at the time)

Lastly, if we aren't able to get this place going, we can always transfer our articles over to the Biomech wiki for things Bionicle, Hero Factory, and Slizers alike, owned by my good friend DeltaStriker. So if anyone has doubts, we can always shut down and merge there (Beta can make that call).

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