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The Water Region is one of the 8 regions of the Slizer Planet, and where the Water Slizers live.



The Water Region is a giant sea which covers one seventh of the Slizer Planet. It is dotted by small islands that are barren wastelands.

The capitol of this region is Aquatopolis, an underwater city that was built shortly after the regions made peace with each other.

Over seventy-five percent of the ocean's floor has not been discovered, although the political leaders of the region are debating whether or not to find a suitable location for a new underwater city.

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The Water Region has the smallest population of the other regions (Not including the Slizer Dome). This is due to the fact that it is comprised of mostly water, with only a few colonized islands.

The Slizers and other sentient beings that live there are forced to wear special air tanks when they travel between islands and cities.


The water that comprises this region is salt water and therefore is undrinkable. To solve this problem, the region's inhabitants have devised a process by which they remove the salt from the water. This provides the region with two valuable resources. The water is necessary for survival, and the salt is the region's main export.

The lack of trees and metal had prevented the Water Region from creating building structures until the regions made peace with each other, beginning trade, and beginning Slizer matches. The Water Region traded with the Jungle Region and the Rock Region for metals and woods, giving the region the materials it needed to create cities.



  • It is common for Slizers who prefer to train in an unusual environment to come to this region to do so.
  • This region is referred to as "the ocean" of the planet, considering it is the only region composed of natural water.
  • The Blaster Slizer, Bullet, was spotted on one of the region's larger islands.

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